SSD Upgrades


Make Your Mac Or PC 10X Faster

The number one reason computers are slow is due to your old mechanical hard drive. PCR has put together a lightning fast solid state drive or “SSD” upgrade package for PC and Apple Mac laptops and desktop computers that targets this problem without losing data, applications and your computer settings.

SSD Speed Upgrade Package

What Does This Package Include?

Packages Include

  • Dust removal.
  • System cleaning.
  • Solid state drive installation (SSD) based on package you choose.
    (PNY, SanDisk or other name brand)
  • Data cloned from old hard drive to new SSD.

Jobs Are Completed On The Same-day

  • Must be scheduled in advance.
  • All systems need to be dropped off by 10am and will be ready by 5pm.
  • Systems can be dropped off at our office in Pleasanton between 9am – 10am between Monday and Friday.
  • Cut-off time for next day service is 6pm.

Tune Up Service Included

  • Scan and remove viruses.
  • Clean temp files.
  • Install updates.
  • 90-day labor warranty.
  • Three year manufacturer’s parts warranty.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.



Your Computer Is Three To Five Years Old And It's Running Slow.

It is recommended, after three to five years, you replace your hard drive for maintenance reasons.


Your Computer Is Over One Year Old And It Came With A One Year Warranty.

We see a lot of drive failures after one year. Revive your system with 10x the speed.


You Want Better Performance.

SSDs provide fast performance, HDD promise slow lag.


Your Computer Is Slow.

With an SSD, it won’t be.


Your Computer Is Using A Mechanical Hard Drive.

The first hard disk drive (HDD) was introduced in 1956. Out with the old, in with the new.

laptop black

You Use A Laptop.

​It’s better to use a drive that has no moving parts vs. one that does AND uses less battery power!


Your Computer Takes More Than One Minute To Boot Up.

SSDs, on average, take 15-20 seconds to boot.

Choose The Package That Fits Your Needs

Typical package prices range from $199 to $499, or greater for Super Max Packages.

Using Less Than 60GB?

Go with our 120 Performance Package.

Using Less Than 160GB?

Go with our 240 Performance Package.

Using Less Than 300GB?

Go with our 480 Performance Package.

Using Above 300GB?

Go with our 960 Performance Package.

Using Above 1TB?

Go with our Super Max Performance Package.

How to Check Disk Space of Your Computer

How to Check Disk Space (Storage) on a Mac

How to View Disk Space on PC

Before You Buy Somewhere Else, Access A Consult

The SSD upgrade packages we provide are based on certain requirements, and you should talk to us, especially if any of the following is true for you:

Your Laptop Does Not Take 2.5" Hard Drives.

Most systems come with a 2.5″ hard drives, but certain small laptops may have a different configuration. Contact us to verify you system is compatible. All desktops and all-in-ones will be compatible.

You Don't Have Any Of Your Software Licensing.

Specifically, Microsoft Office is known for needing to be reactivated after upgrading your hard drive. Please contact us if this is an issue, we can usually help locate your licensing.

Your Hard Drive Is Failing.

Sometimes, your drive can be in a failing state and cloning your drive is not an option. We will test this before completing any work.

You Are Running An Older Operating System. You Should Be Running:

For PC’s: Windows 7 and Newer
For Mac’s: 10.10 (Yosemite) and Newer (Free upgrade to newer OS is included)

Dual Booting Is Not Included In The Standard Upgrade Offer.

Please use the contact form for an extended custom quote.

Macbook Pro 2012 Retina

Current & All MacBook Air Models are not compatible with this offer.


Will I Lose Any Of My Data?

No, we will make a clone of your current hard drive and copy it to the new SSD. We will return your old hard drive which you can keep as a backup.

Will I Need To Activate Any Software?

Some software will require you to re-activate when changing disks. We have found Microsoft Office requires you to re-activate your license. Please make sure you have your license available, or let us know you are able to re-activate or re-install if needed.

How Long Does The Process Take & When Can I Get My Computer Back?

As long as we get your system by 10am and your hard drive test passes, it will be ready by 5pm that day.

I Need My Computer For Work. Can You Do It Faster?

We will work with you, please give us a call to discuss the options.

How Does This Package Make My Computer Faster?

Just by changing your hard drive to an SSD, it will increase the performance. SSD’s don’t have any moving parts, so accessing data is much faster than a standard mechanical hard disk drive (HDD). We also include our system tune-up package, which will optimize your computer for speed.

What Brand Of SSD Do You Use?

We use only brand names and brand parts like SanDisk, PNY, Samsung, Kingston and others, depending on availability.

What If My Hard Drive Is Bad Or Failing?

We can offer you a fresh installation of Windows or Mac OS for the same price. If data recovery is needed, we can quote that for you separately. You can also choose to put your old hard drive in an external enclosure to access your data through a USB cable at an additional cost ($27.99 – $49.99).
  •   I went with a friend to have his company computer fixed and they are awesome! Great customer service on the phone and in person. His computer now works like it's brand new !

    thumb Cheryl T.

      Ok so I very rarely take the time to leave a review. A business has to really stand out, good or bad, for me to take the time. That being said, I cannot recommend Pleasanton Computer Repair more highly. The GPU fan seized up in my MSI GS65 Stealth Thin 8RF laptop and I brought it in to have it replaced. I needed the repair done quickly since the laptop was my only computer and I had an important video call scheduled a few days later. The work was done quickly. The aftermarket fan that was sourced and rush shipped to accommodate my deadline functionally cooled the GPU, however it made a sound that was loud enough to be heard on the other end of my video call. I brought it back and they replaced the replacement, even installing a new CPU fan, all free of charge, as the fans were purchased as a set. Unfortunately within an hour of use the new CPU fan began making a loud clicking/grinding noise, and the GPU fan for some reason was loudly cycling even when the temperatures were low/moderate! After some back and forth discussing the issue they once again agreed to replace the fans. Third times a charm! The laptop is now cooling efficiently and is running nearly silently at normal temperatures. This laptop was a fairly high end machine when I bought it just a few years ago and I was starting to lose hope that it would ever function this well again. Gabe, Karla and every other employee I encountered through this ordeal were extremely helpful, friendly, and accommodating, even though they had to go back and redo this job multiple times. If you need computer repairs you can trust this company to treat you fairly. I am local, but service like this is worth a drive. Pleasanton Computer Repair is the only computer repair shop I would recommend, and in the future I won't take my business anywhere else.

    thumb David S.
  •   Very professional work and ethics. My PC just refused to turn on. I took it in on a Monday afternoon and KC signed me in and sent me a full diagnosis in a couple of days. Besides the power supply fubar they also verified that the boot drive is only 8% health. Two days after I got my PC back with new SSD and power supply. They have a good ticketing system that provides the elaboration of the diagnosis and updates on the repair. Very frictionless and very methodical. Super loved this place specially since I am an engineer myself. And best part I get to support a local town business. Highly recommend this place.

    thumb Sanjay S.

      This business has been a wonderful find for me.  Both my husband & I have used them several times.  In 2021 was the 1st time I used them when I tripped over my laptop cord & sent it flying.  They were able to get it working & everything was saved!  This is why we have both been back.  The turnaround is quick also & I feel the rates are good.

    thumb Mary O.
  •   I had problems with my desktop computer. After I rebooted the computer I could not open Excel and Word application anymore.
    Based on a recommendation from a good friend of our I called up a guy in Dublin. (See separate review). After almost two weeks the guy didn't fix the problem.
    I Googled and found Pleasanton Computer Repair. I called them on Thursday. I made an appointment for Monday. I brought the computer to them on Monday morning. In the afternoon I received a call from a technician and the problem was solved. I picked up the computer again on Tuesday (24 hours after drop off).
    Very happy with their service. Very responsive. Will definitely use them again and would recommend them.

    thumb Peter H.

      I highly recommend!!  My multiple questions were answered, the estimate was done in a timely fashion and was less than I expected, the repairs were completed before expected.  If you need help, give them a call.

    thumb Christine C.
  •   When I came in, I was told that there was either an issue with the battery or the motherboard. I paid 150 dollars for an "advanced diagnosis". 150 dollars and 2 days later they had come to the conclusion that the problem was either the battery or the motherboard. They then suggested I buy another battery to diagnose the problem myself. Staff were polite, but they took my money without making any headway into the problem. If there's an issue that can't be solved by restarting the computer, I don't recommend them.

    thumb Aashish B.

      Great service. My 7-year-old laptop finally kicked the bucket for good after many near-death experiences. I decided to get a new laptop but save the old hard drive. I asked Pleasanton Computer Repair if they could first check the hard drive to make sure there were no physical/electrical issues and the data was uncorrupted, and if the hard drive was fine, just move it into an external case for me. If the data was corrupted, I requested that they attempt to recover it. Brought the laptop in, got an email 2 days later that it was ready to pick up. Data was fine, hard drive was in an external case, brought it home & plugged it into my new computer and it worked just fine. Very reasonable price, did not try to add unnecessary charges, friendly, fast, and effective. Highly recommended.

    SUMMARY: fast, affordable, effective, honest. Great repair shop.

    thumb Robin L.






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