When your computer breaks down, it can lead to panic and a day of work wasted. However, with the remote help you need, you can get back to work and save your productivity for the day, as well as your computer. Through our remote service, we can guide you through the basic bug fixes and repairs you need in order to bring yourself back online.


  • Minor bug issues
  • Some data restoration
  • Perform system diagnostics
  • Update programs
  • Download important softwares
  • Pop-up problems
  • Virus or malware issues
  • And more
While most of us have lived with computers and operated them successfully for a long period of time, there’s very few who really know how one operates. From the motherboard to the graphics chip and beyond, computers are confusing machines. Even if you have a good understanding of the user experience and interface you’re familiar with using, be that Windows or Macintosh, there’s always room for something to go awry. When it does, you can count on us to have your back.
Being suddenly rendered without access to your files, your computer, or the internet is easily one of the most frustrating things to happen during the average modern workday. Don’t let it slow you down! Our remote services are designed to help you get through minor computer issues with ease so you can get back to work with as little fanfare as possible.
Our professional and experienced team of IT specialists can address your concerns, pin-point issues, and work to make your computer more easily repairable in the future. We can even find issues that might only require a small hardware upgrade to prevent similar problems occurring in the future.
Reach out to us today to begin your remote repair appointment. We’ll let you know whether or not we can help you over remote access, if we can guide you through the repair yourself, or if we’ll need to have you bring your computer into our Pleasanton location so that we can work on it in person. Whatever the problem is that you’re dealing with, reach out to us first. We’re always happy to help you puzzle through whether you really have to come in and see us, or if this could be as easy as a 30 minute fix
Start the process today; reach out and get in the remote IT support queue now.
  •   Great professional service. Will be there for any future laptop/computer repairs. Thank you!

    thumb Joy B.

      My iPhone 12 was stuck on the Apple logo, Apple store told me I'd need to do a full restore which would wipe my data, or go somewhere and try to recover the data first.

    KC was basically able to fix why my phone was not rebooting, and was able to get my phone up and running. I had all my data, and did not need to do a full restore. Their price was very reasonable. While he did not have to do a full data recovery, I had called some of those places (since this is what Apple told me I would need to do if I didn't want to lose my data) and they are VERY expensive, so I'm definitely glad I didn't have to go that route.

    Overall, I'm so thankful I found this place and had a great experience with them.

    thumb Samantha K.
  •   Courteous, friendly and fast.  Thanks again for repairing my laptop screen so quickly!

    thumb YA M.

      My only regret is not going to them sooner. I contacted them first when I was having laptop fan problems but then my dad's friend said he would work on it... I took him two weeks and he still never got it to work and also made it much worse than it already was.

    Pleasanton Computer Repair took only about a week and they were very communicative on updates which I greatly appreciated. The prices were very reasonable and they got my computer up and running in an adequate amount of time also.

    thumb AJ A.
  •   Very professional work and ethics. My PC just refused to turn on. I took it in on a Monday afternoon and KC signed me in and sent me a full diagnosis in a couple of days. Besides the power supply fubar they also verified that the boot drive is only 8% health. Two days after I got my PC back with new SSD and power supply. They have a good ticketing system that provides the elaboration of the diagnosis and updates on the repair. Very frictionless and very methodical. Super loved this place specially since I am an engineer myself. And best part I get to support a local town business. Highly recommend this place.

    thumb Sanjay S.

      My dog had a bad accident experience with Petco. After the accident I have struggled taking my dog to any grooming. Waited a couple months and happy I found these place. They were able to manage my dog anxiety and calm her down. When I picked up my dog was calm. I can tell she felt safe there. I'm definitely keeping them as my grooming from now on.

    thumb Gisela D.
  •   Karla is the best. Very professional and provided the best advice for me and my Mac, even though that meant sending me to the Apple store.

    Will certainly use them for any issues in the future. It's difficult to find trustworthy businesses these days. Thanks Pleasanton Computer Repair!!

    thumb Roger B.

      I needed a battery for a 2013 MacBook Pro. I called them. I got an appointment for the next day (Covid) Left it overnight and had it back the next morning!

    thumb Gail M.






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