When your computer breaks down, it can lead to panic and a day of work wasted. However, with the remote help you need, you can get back to work and save your productivity for the day, as well as your computer. Through our remote service, we can guide you through the basic bug fixes and repairs you need in order to bring yourself back online.


  • Minor bug issues
  • Some data restoration
  • Perform system diagnostics
  • Update programs
  • Download important softwares
  • Pop-up problems
  • Virus or malware issues
  • And more
While most of us have lived with computers and operated them successfully for a long period of time, there’s very few who really know how one operates. From the motherboard to the graphics chip and beyond, computers are confusing machines. Even if you have a good understanding of the user experience and interface you’re familiar with using, be that Windows or Macintosh, there’s always room for something to go awry. When it does, you can count on us to have your back.
Being suddenly rendered without access to your files, your computer, or the internet is easily one of the most frustrating things to happen during the average modern workday. Don’t let it slow you down! Our remote services are designed to help you get through minor computer issues with ease so you can get back to work with as little fanfare as possible.
Our professional and experienced team of IT specialists can address your concerns, pin-point issues, and work to make your computer more easily repairable in the future. We can even find issues that might only require a small hardware upgrade to prevent similar problems occurring in the future.
Reach out to us today to begin your remote repair appointment. We’ll let you know whether or not we can help you over remote access, if we can guide you through the repair yourself, or if we’ll need to have you bring your computer into our Pleasanton location so that we can work on it in person. Whatever the problem is that you’re dealing with, reach out to us first. We’re always happy to help you puzzle through whether you really have to come in and see us, or if this could be as easy as a 30 minute fix
Start the process today; reach out and get in the remote IT support queue now.
  •   Karla is the best. Very professional and provided the best advice for me and my Mac, even though that meant sending me to the Apple store.

    Will certainly use them for any issues in the future. It's difficult to find trustworthy businesses these days. Thanks Pleasanton Computer Repair!!

    thumb Roger B.

      I had my laptop die on me, and I was able to drop it off and and it fixed quickly and picked up two days later. Affordable prices, and great work with fast and easy communication. I highly recommend!

    thumb Chris H.
  •   I have young kiddos , and therefore I have had a few broken screens to repair.  Good service, quick turnaround, reasonable pricing.

    thumb Andrew S.

      I needed a battery for a 2013 MacBook Pro. I called them. I got an appointment for the next day (Covid) Left it overnight and had it back the next morning!

    thumb Gail M.
  •   Carla answered the phone when I called and was so helpful. She got me an appointment that same day to drop my two laptops off. One I was resetting and the other had many problems that needed to be fixed. I was concerned it might be expensive but was pleasantly surprised that their prices were very affordable for me. I'm a college student so finding a good and affordable place to get my laptops fixed was crucial for me. I was then helped by Ryan who reset one of my laptops and completely fixed my other one. Now they're both like brand new and work great! Exceptional service and I left a very happy customer. I definitely recommend going here if you need your laptop fixed!

    thumb Gabrielle P.

      I had a dead laptop, and Pleasanton Computer Repair's proximity and his reviews helped me choose them for help. The quotes up front were simple, and they were pleasant and professional to deal with. For Covid safety, they require appointments to ensure one customer at a time. The one drawback was that they could not identify the problem with the tools available there and would need to send it to a lab in San Jose at additional cost. The tech was able to assure me the hard drive was not damaged, however, so I was able to transfer files myself by moving the drive to a case and connecting it as an external drive.

    thumb David L.
  •   My old HP laptop finally died and it flashed the famed BLUE SCREEN of DEATH before its final breath, it also had issues with the hinges. I called and made an appointment to take it in, upon arrival I was told the cost to repair if possible would be high, but it seemed as though my hard drive was fried beyond recovery (7%) along with the cosmetic issues it was a hot mess. I left feeling pretty bad as 7 years worth of files etc were effected. A few hours later KC called and said they would try to recover but no promises, well they were able to save everything for a reasonable price and it only took 2 or 3 days. I bought a new laptop dropped it by the shop, they transfered all my files, set everything up for me, done. I couldn't be happier. A couple weeks later I had a glitch with my Microsoft 365, called and again KC handled it, he straightened it over the phone and now I'm up and running full speed ahead!! Professionals! Thank you guys!! 5 STARS!!!

    thumb Ken F.

      This is a great company, I absolutely recommend them for any issue you have.

    They do fast, honest work and charge a very reasonable rate. Casey diagnosed my computer's very strange crashing, and he was very knowledgeable and quick to respond.

    If you have any computer related problems, you won't find a better place that Pleasanton Computer Repair!

    thumb Jeffrey F.






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