Your iPad and iPhone are essential tools in your day-to-day life. When was the last time you had to muscle through the day without access to Google? Your iPhone and iPad act as windows into the digital world that allows you to access facts, ideas, social interactions, directions and so much more. They’re crucial pieces of your life. So, what happens when they break?

Screen Replacement

Replacing your screen on your own may seem like the most cost-effective option at the time, but it often leads to further problems in the future. We can provide you with a screen replacement using high-quality materials, leaving your phone looking good as new.

Battery Replacement

Is your phone battery not performing the way it used to, making it so you have to charge it multiple times throughout the day? Instead of buying a new phone, we can simply replace the battery!

Liquid Damage

Most liquid damage can be solved by putting your phone into a bag of rice, but when that solution just doesn’t cut it, our team can safely disassemble your phone and give it time to dry out.

Data Recovery

There’s nothing worse than losing precious memories and data on your phone. If you’ve lost data on your phone and you’d like to get it back, we can do our best to recover your data and restore the lost information and memories.

Frame Replacements

If your phone works just fine, but the frame is a little worse for wear, we can help! We offer high-quality frame replacements where we can give your phone a new frame and make it look almost as good as new!

It’s not unusual for most people to be attached at the hip to their favorite mobile device. As the little computers become more and more equipped, they become more and more valuable. What was once just a phone that you could take with you in the car, is now a high-quality digital camera, a GPS, an encyclopedia, and so much more. Everything you could hope to access throughout the digital world is accessible through that little metal box with a screen. However, the many different improvements made on design and style haven’t done much in the way of ensuring their structural integrity.

Now that the iPad and iPhone are often constructed of metal and glass exclusively, they’re terribly slippery. They have a nasty habit of falling out of people’s hands and tumbling to the ground where they either weather the beating or crack under the pressure. Cases that protect against these issues are bulky, ugly, and often disrupt peak functionality. Plus, they don’t always protect the phone successfully from any force of trauma. Your screen could still get scratched by your car keys in your pocket, and you could always accidentally sit on your iPad and crack it.

However, here at Pleasanton Computer Repair, we don’t want you to have to live without the device responsible for making your life so much easier and better. We provide a wide selection of comprehensive iPhone and iPad repair services to help you bring your beloved Apple device back from the brink of oblivion with ease.

Worried about a pretty serious crack across the screen? Is the color on your iPhone or iPad not looking right? Are there blotches that obscure the full view of the screen? Or did you just drop it in a puddle? Regardless of what’s occurred, we can help you fix it, and recover your valuable data like pictures, messages and more. Schedule an appointment with us today to discuss your repairs now.
  •   I have young kiddos , and therefore I have had a few broken screens to repair.  Good service, quick turnaround, reasonable pricing.

    thumb Andrew S.

      Great professional service. Will be there for any future laptop/computer repairs. Thank you!

    thumb Joy B.
  •   I had my laptop die on me, and I was able to drop it off and and it fixed quickly and picked up two days later. Affordable prices, and great work with fast and easy communication. I highly recommend!

    thumb Chris H.

      Despite a few issues they were very quick and getting my computer fixed and compensating me for the trouble. I appreciate their patience even when I lost mine. They are a great group of individuals and I would recommend them to anyone who is having computer troubles and cannot afford to buy a brand new laptop.

    thumb Nicole F.
  •   Carla answered the phone when I called and was so helpful. She got me an appointment that same day to drop my two laptops off. One I was resetting and the other had many problems that needed to be fixed. I was concerned it might be expensive but was pleasantly surprised that their prices were very affordable for me. I'm a college student so finding a good and affordable place to get my laptops fixed was crucial for me. I was then helped by Ryan who reset one of my laptops and completely fixed my other one. Now they're both like brand new and work great! Exceptional service and I left a very happy customer. I definitely recommend going here if you need your laptop fixed!

    thumb Gabrielle P.

      Karla is the best. Very professional and provided the best advice for me and my Mac, even though that meant sending me to the Apple store.

    Will certainly use them for any issues in the future. It's difficult to find trustworthy businesses these days. Thanks Pleasanton Computer Repair!!

    thumb Roger B.
  •   no complaints

    (yelp is telling me this review is too short - thus, I'm adding this sentence)

    thumb Jeff M.

      I'm so glad I found Pleasanton Computer Repair! After having my laptop crash due to inept online tech support by a big name office supply chain, was told they'd have to ship out my laptop, with a huge prepayment and 4-6 week turn around.  Um, no thanks!  Pleasanton Computer Repair took in my laptop that same day, and for less money than the other company wanted up front without even determining what they could do for me, PCR not only restored all my data (YAY!) but replaced the original (cheap) hard drive, significantly increasing performance speed, and installed a new OS. Best of all, I had my laptop back within 2 1/2 days.  Needless to say, I'm super happy, and will use PCR for future laptop repairs!

    thumb Lyn A.






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